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Grant Application

Credit Union of Colorado Foundation's mission is to promote community development by providing financial and volunteer support in the areas of education and human services. This mission is a practical extension of the Credit Union of Colorado’s goal to serve as advocates of their members and the communities it serves.

Thank you for your interest in the Credit Union of Colorado Foundation Grant Program. Please read carefully the following criteria and application requirements.

Project Selection Guidelines

  • Funding focus must be consistent with the mission of the Credit Union of Colorado Foundation.Credit Union of Colorado Foundation cannot provide charitable donations to organizations that:
    • Discriminate for any reason, including race, religion, creed, age, sex, sexual orientation, or national origin.
    • Foundation does not fund:
    • Endowment campaigns
    • Individuals or individual projects
    • Political causes or candidates
    • Religious Programs
    • Reduction or liquidation of debt


  • Grant requests are limited by Credit Union of Colorado Foundation funding.
  • The decisions of Credit Union of Colorado Foundation are final.


  1. The Grant Application must be completed using the sections and heading provided within the application.
  2. Submit only one copy of the application in a format that is easily reproduced.
  3. Additional materials (i.e.: articles, photos, etc.) may be included but are not necessary for the initial request.
  4. Grant requests accepted by Credit Union of Colorado Foundation for further consideration will be reviewed per criteria set by the Foundation Board of Directors.
  5. Questions about the Credit Union of Colorado Foundation, or this grant application should be directed to:
    Erin Towey
    1390 Logan Street
    Denver, Colorado 80203
    303-832-4816, ext. 71413